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"Vesper is an excellent person. Achievement-oriented and with wide-ranging experience and profound language skills. She is good at working hard when necessary. She is proactive and excellence-oriented. Her knowledge is broad and precise. She is a perfectionist and always ready to dedicate all her energy and stamina to getting the job done. She is honest and has wide knowledge in her field and moreover shows great capacity to establish interpersonal relationships"

Karen Fieldhouse M., Marketing & Project Manager

WE Group

“Vesper is an excellent professional, focused on timely delivery of high quality translation work. She has built up knowledge and experience in a wide range of industries and companies and is capable of taking on complex assignments. I have worked with Vesper personally and indirectly through the companies where I have worked. I can highly recommend her.”

Noortje Magis, Group Corporate and Finance Director

SBM Offshore

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